New Kids Brand Taking Storm To Help Moms With The Terrible “M” Word

One of the toughest jobs parents have, is looking after their children’s health. Unfortunately, however, there are many viruses and infections out there to endanger the health of your little ones. One such painful and long-lasting infection is Molluscum. If you want to know more about Molluscum and how you can combat it, then continue reading.

What Is Molluscum?

Molluscum contagiosum, also known as Molluscum for short, is a common viral infection in children. Molluscum causes skin irritation and results in a rash. This rash presents itself in the form of itchy bumps that can persist for up to a year or two. 

The worst part about Molluscum is that it is contagious. Therefore, suppose your child’s friend contracts the virus, then it can be passed down to your child, who can then infect other children, inside and outside the house, as well. 

However, Molluscum is a treatable infection and can fade away with time if given the right treatment. Below we have talked about one such treatment option that you should consider going for!

Molluscum Away

Molluscum Away was founded by Erica, a mother of two, after her own kids had to suffer from the infection. The mother was motivated to create Molluscum Away because she was dissatisfied with the current Molluscum treatments that were available for her children. So, she became determined to come up with a natural Molluscum treatment that would not only relieve the symptoms of Molluscum but help prevent against it too.

Erica partnered up with a doctor and began working on her project. After many patch tests, they had exactly what they were looking for, sticky patches made from non-toxic, plant-based, and completely natural ingredients to help soothe and eliminate Molluscum. 

The patches were doctor-approved and have been found to work really well in order to relieve Molluscum. The company also launched a bunch of other products to fight Molluscum. 

Molluscum Away Products

Molluscum Away has come up with a range of products that will help your child become Molluscum free in no time. Furthermore, the creators of Molluscum Away were also concerned with the spreading of the infection. Therefore, they tried to formulate products that will not only treat the ongoing molluscum infection of your child but will also prevent the infection from developing and spreading to other children.

Below you can find a list of all the products created by Molluscum away, along with their complete details:

Molluscum Away – 9 Molluscum Patches

The Molluscum Patches by Molluscum Away are arguably the company’s trademark product. The patches are a great way to deal with a Molluscum infection. Many parents have tried and tested these patches on their children and have ended up with satisfactory results.

The patches are around half an inch in diameter. Each patch is meant to treat either one large Molluscum or a group of smaller ones. The company claims that you can start seeing results from these patches in as little as 7 days. However, it can take longer than a week if the Molluscum in question is extremely stubborn. Regardless of the temperament of the Molluscum and how long it takes to treat, Molluscum Away patches have been found to be effective when treating Molluscum.

One of the reasons behind the product’s efficiency can be its impressive formulation. The Molluscum patches by Molluscum Away are created using Hyaluronic acid and Sophora Angustifolia Root extract. Other ingredients also include Asiaticoside, Paris Polyphylla, and Thuja occidentalis, along with Yunnanensis, Camellia Sinensis, and Focus Vesiculosus. All these ingredients combine together to help fight away your child’s Molluscum infections.

Another factor that makes the Molluscum Away patches great for treating Molluscum is the micro darts they come with. The Molluscum Away patches have special micro darts that make sure that all the ingredients are able to penetrate into the Molluscum.

In order to use the patches, you’ll have to make sure that the area of skin you want to apply them is completely clean and dry. After this, you’ll peel open the Molluscum patches by Molluscum Away and carefully place them on top of the infected area. After the application of the patch, you have to firmly press on it for almost 10 seconds. By pressing down on the patch, you will ensure that the patch is securely applied and the ingredients are making their way into the Molluscum.

When you’re applying the patches, you have to make sure that they don’t overlap with each other. Furthermore, you should try and avoid baths while the patches are still on. However, the Molluscum patches should be left on while your child is taking a shower.

The company recommends that each patch should be changed after 48 hours of application or until it falls off. This is because it usually takes around 3 to 5 patches for the Molluscum bumps to completely go away.

Healing Ointment

The healing ointment by Molluscum Away is created using all clean ingredients. The skin healing ointment is great to use when the Molluscum bumps are aggravated. The product helps the bumps by healing through their ‘angry’ phase.

The ointment is also a great way to treat eczema. That’s because it works by locking in the skin moisture and blocking the stuff that can trigger or irritate eczema. The ointment can also prove to be helpful in treating any minor cuts or burns that your child may encounter.

Gently Nourishing Molluscum Away Body Wash

The Gently Nourishing Molluscum Away body wash is formulated using ingredients that are gentle on the skin. As a result, this body wash is great for use on children who have sensitive skin.

All you have to do is take somebody wash in your hands and mix it with warm water to create a rich lather. Cleanse your skin by spreading the lather smoothly over the body. Lastly, rinse the body wash thoroughly once you’re done cleansing.